WHW – Day 7 & 8 (Tyndrum to Inveroran to Glencoe Mtn. Resort)

It was a misty morning when we got up. My whole body hurt when I get up and start moving around. I think that my body may never submit to the daily strenuous exercise that I subject it to. It's hard to get the gears moving but eventually the muscles loosen up. We have 9 … Continue reading WHW – Day 7 & 8 (Tyndrum to Inveroran to Glencoe Mtn. Resort)

WHW – Day 5 & 6 (Inverarnan to Crianlarich to Tyndrum)

Day 5 - Inverarnan to Crianlarich The word of the day is RAINWATER. Thankfully, the three longest days are now behind us. We now have two short days of six miles each day between Inverarnan, Crianlarich, and Tyndrum. It's possible to do that in one day but during the planning phase, it seemed reasonable that … Continue reading WHW – Day 5 & 6 (Inverarnan to Crianlarich to Tyndrum)

Vacation: a 95 mile hike (high potential for rain)

I started writing this post back in mid-May. Well, hello readers. I'm still here; I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been rather busy with work for the last nearly two years. I'm a senior project coordination manager and I love my job! Loving my job makes it pretty easy to … Continue reading Vacation: a 95 mile hike (high potential for rain)

#Adulting v2 (Change is the constant and loneliness is possible)

Several times now I've had a bunch of things that come to mind that I want to write about and update you on... and also I want to continue using this site to share experiences since I'm still paying for it! If I don't pay, all my content on here will go away and that … Continue reading #Adulting v2 (Change is the constant and loneliness is possible)

Has it really been 6 months??

I was looking through my drafted posts which were never published and then the posts that I did publish and realized that my last post was published in February! How is this possible?! How has time gone by that fast? In the last six months, I've continued searching for a cause of my "recurring, bilateral, … Continue reading Has it really been 6 months??

Optic Neuritis – Progress Update & Information Crowd-Sourcing

Here's an update regarding my optic neuritis. Looking to crowd-source anyone's experience with optic neuritis!! Please share and get back to me with some feedback! Feel free to contact me privately via the contact link on my blog.

Optic Neuritis – Episode 2

Back to current day happenings in my life! It seems rather uncanny to me that the last post I published described how I progressed through my first episode of optic neuritis in my right eye.  Doctors I saw while still in New Jersey said that it should clear up in weeks to months (without steroids … Continue reading Optic Neuritis – Episode 2

Tough Mudder was Really Tough

For anyone that recently started reading my blog, I've been republishing some older posts leading up to my journey.  I'm republishing them here because they were originally published using Google Blogger which was not quite as follower-friendly as this blog here with WordPress. Hope you enjoy! Originally published 7/29/17. Evening folks; I've realized over the … Continue reading Tough Mudder was Really Tough

Two Weeks Left!!

Originally published 7/22/17. Good evening folks!  (Note: This was written over the course of Friday evening and Saturday).   Typing up this post on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 while I wait for my friend Firdaus to come into Penn Station.  She's flying here from Cali and will be spending the weekend with me.  Her, … Continue reading Two Weeks Left!!

Watching from the Sidelines…

Originally published 5/21/17. May 20th - the day of the Harryman Triathlon at Harriman State Park.  I had signed up for the Olympic distance triathlon last fall with full intention of competing.   Final work deliverables lined up exactly with the triathlon and since I haven't been to the gym since the Ragnar Relay, I knew I … Continue reading Watching from the Sidelines…

Ragnar 2.0 (Richmond, VA)

Originally published 5/6/17. Evening readers.  🙂 Work has been super busy.  The project I'm working on is beginning to wrap up which is going to be very fast.  But last weekend, and this weekend as well, I've been able to get away from the rush that is NYC.   Last weekend some colleagues and friends … Continue reading Ragnar 2.0 (Richmond, VA)

Just an Update

Originally published 3/29/17. Good evening folks.  Not too much to report since my last post regarding travel stuff.  Personally, it's been an eventful month.   I ended up moving out of my last place on extremely short turn-around (like, Monday I got the first call, and I was moved out (with a new place to go) … Continue reading Just an Update

Broadening Perspectives on Canvas

Well, September is proving to be an a very exciting month for Broadening Perspectives Adventures!  I will tell you why!  Last month I ordered canvas prints of the best of the best of the best of my photos (yes, I meant to repeat myself three times).  So far, I've received three which are brilliant - … Continue reading Broadening Perspectives on Canvas

Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)

Originally published 3/4/17. So, slightly unexpected but... I set the date I'm leaving the US (for an extended temporary period) in stone yesterday! So now, the first two months of my world travel is all set!  Paid for?...well, I'm getting there.  I learned that Global Nomadic partners with Student Travel Association.  So I thought why … Continue reading Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)

Gearing Up, Part 2

Originally published 2/25/17. Today has been quite a productive day...   Headed to the gym at 10:30, swam my 35 laps (~half mile) in about 40-45 minutes.  After that, I was in a group class for some conditioning with one of the trainers.  Wow, that class kicked my tush!  I always thought my legs were … Continue reading Gearing Up, Part 2

Gearing Up, Part 1

Originally published 2/11/17. Hey Everyone!  It's been a while!  It feels like a lot but also like nothing has happened over the last several weeks since my last post.    What's new...  I spent a long weekend at home a few weeks ago.  I took a Monday and Friday off; went home Thursday night and … Continue reading Gearing Up, Part 1

Boring Day? Make Travel Plans!

Originally published 1/1/17. Today was pretty boring.  It was my own fault I didn't have any plans made in advance.  I could have done something outside; it was a sunny beautiful day. But I'm usually a hard-charging, gotta-go-gotta-run-gotta-work-can't-stop type of girl.  Always busy, always doing something.   Oh well, I do need to slow down … Continue reading Boring Day? Make Travel Plans!

Happy New Year!

Originally published on Google Blogger - 12/31/16. Last week, I was able to leave work at a generally reasonable time each day which was nice.  I'm admittedly a workaholic.  I've been working 50 +/- hour weeks regularly.  Had a few 60+/- hour weeks thrown in there, and only one week working a total of 71 hours over … Continue reading Happy New Year!

The Plan, The Goal, The Life (Traveling Prequal)

Ok - Now we can move on to publishing posts that I started writing in at the end of 2016.  Then, once we're caught up with that, the thought crossed my mind to share some experiences from my 2 weeks in Australia.  But I'm not sure where I documented that trip.  I feel like I … Continue reading The Plan, The Goal, The Life (Traveling Prequal)

India – Udaipur (Early-Mid June, 2011)

Udaipur was a really nice place.  Our accommodation was absolutely beautiful!  A good place to relax. Driving to Udaipur was a bit of an adventure.  It was very rural, kind of hilly, and at times, I wondered if the old beast of a bus was going to make it up to the top. Stopped at … Continue reading India – Udaipur (Early-Mid June, 2011)

India – Bundi (Early-Mid June, 2011)

I did a horrible job blogging about India.  But that's ok!  I had to learn somehow! Anyway, going forward, my posts will be mostly pictures with some commentary here and there based on what I remember. We stopped for lunch somewhere midway between Jaipur and Bundi.  There was a pond nearby with...well, as you can … Continue reading India – Bundi (Early-Mid June, 2011)

India – A Day that Changed My Life

A day that changed my life... Originally Published May 25th, 2011. So, apparently I've gotten a little out of order with my posts.  Forgive me!  But this is one tour day that changed my life and how I look at some of the trifles that sometimes get under my skin.  Anyway, there aren't too many … Continue reading India – A Day that Changed My Life

India – Amber Fort

A Stepwell on May 28th and Amber Fort on June 1st, 2011 Originally published June 11th, 2011 The day after we arrived in Jaipur, we took a drive to a beautiful stepwell.  Pictures below. After visiting this stepwell, we stopped at a monkey temple.  At least the tiny stepwell here can be used by the … Continue reading India – Amber Fort

India – Delhi to Jaipur

When: May 27th, 2011. I never published a post about the trip from Delhi to Jaipur... so this is a new post from pictures and what I remember. The road construction that was happening along our road trip in India was really piece-meal. \ We drove by a lot of street-side businesses selling all kinds … Continue reading India – Delhi to Jaipur

India – Tour Day

Tour day... Originally published May 24th, 2011 Today we went to see a beautiful tomb (Humayun's Tomb), a garden, Khan market, and a stepwell. Unfortunately, my camera died so I personally did not get pictures of the first step well. I remember seeing a lot of skinny stray dogs at the tomb grounds.  It was … Continue reading India – Tour Day

India – First Day of the Program

First day of the course... Originally published: May 23rd, 2011 Oh boy, how to begin describing this day.... Trying. We got up a little late and went to breakfast.  Not many choices... and their ketchup (for me at least) was quite spicy.  Then we had the scavenger hunt... a bit of a waste of time. … Continue reading India – First Day of the Program

Traveling to India

Arrival Originally published: May 22, 2011 Additional thoughts and comments that I write and add in the present (meaning as I update and re-publish) will be italicized. The flight to India was really long. I'm pretty sure it was a direct flight from Newark, New Jersey to New Delhi.  Not sure why but I recall … Continue reading Traveling to India


Graduation & Preparation Originally published: May 18th, 2011 It is hard to believe how fast 4 years of school went - although it didn't seem so fast while in the thick of it all. Graduation was fantastic - and this trip will be a great finish to college. Still trying to think up a topic … Continue reading Graduation!!

India – Picture Topic

Picture Topic? Originally published: May 11th, 2011. For this trip, we have to keep a picture journal - and we have to choose some object of daily life (a color, an animal, architecture, anything) to take a daily photo of.  I am at a loss at what to photograph.  I was thinking architectural arches...  but … Continue reading India – Picture Topic

Let’s Go Way Back!

So, I've decided to just start posting some stuff from way back; basically that means that I'll republish/share my posts from my India study abroad back in 2011. Enjoy!! First post preparing for my India trip was originally published May 10th, 2011.  Bear with me... my first few posts were quite short.  So they will … Continue reading Let’s Go Way Back!

Life (So Far) After Traveling

Hi Everyone; The last few days I've been feeling a blog post coming on.  While there isn't to terribly much to write about, I'm pretty sure I will end up writing more than I think I will.  Please read the whole post...or just skip to the bottom and leave a comment whether you think you … Continue reading Life (So Far) After Traveling

The Journey Home (May 4th – 7th, 2018)

May 4th I was up and about; took a really good shower because I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to shower for a couple of days. Here is a brief itinerary to show why: - Drive to Edinburgh and return rental car - Tram to Edinburgh and find somewhere to hang out until 9:30pm … Continue reading The Journey Home (May 4th – 7th, 2018)

Tyndrum, Scotland UK (April 30th – May 3rd, 2018)

April 30th I had rented a car with Easirent Edinburgh Airport. The price was significantly cheaper than the usual rental car companies such a s Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, etc. I was thinking "how is this company so much cheaper." I had reserved a vehicle through RentalCars.com in Queenstown NZ and we got an additional ding … Continue reading Tyndrum, Scotland UK (April 30th – May 3rd, 2018)

Edinburgh, Scotland (April 28th – 29th, 2018)

Up and about, preparing to catch my train to Edinburgh. I was up and packed before any of the guys in my room were conscious. Hopped on my train and headed out of London. Part of the way up to Edinburgh, I was working on my scrapbook; gluing little bits and remnants into it. It … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland (April 28th – 29th, 2018)

London, England (April 26th – 27th, 2018)

April 26th I arrived at London Gatwick airport at approximately 12:30pm. I bought a train ticket to go to Kings Cross train station but then when I went down to the platform, I just caught the first train that came by that said "London" and ended up going to London Bridge station, approximately 2.4 miles … Continue reading London, England (April 26th – 27th, 2018)

Verona, Italy (April 25th & 26th, 2018)

If my trains had been on schedule, I would have gotten to my accommodation in Verona around 4:30pm and would have a decent portion of the evening to wander around Verona and see the sites. But, the trains weren't running on time, well one train was; the train I needed to catch on my first … Continue reading Verona, Italy (April 25th & 26th, 2018)

La Spezia, Italy – Part 2 (April 23rd and 24th, 2018)

NOTE: You will notice on some of my pictures that I’ve changed my “signature” to Bluegreenpacker. This is because I was trying to come up with a catchy/cool name for my account on Instragram and I came up with bluegreenpacker. Pretty much it’s because I love blue and green, I have a blue and green … Continue reading La Spezia, Italy – Part 2 (April 23rd and 24th, 2018)

La Spezia, Italy – Part 1 (April 20th – 22nd, 2018)

NOTE:  You will notice on some of my pictures that I've changed my "signature" to Bluegreenpacker.  This is because I was trying to come up with a catchy/cool name for my account on Instragram and I came up with bluegreenpacker.  Pretty much it's because I love blue and green, I have a blue and green backpacks, … Continue reading La Spezia, Italy – Part 1 (April 20th – 22nd, 2018)

Peschiera del Garda, Italy (April 17th – 19th, 2018)

I had all morning to pack. My bus to Peschiera didn't leave until 1:10pm. But per usual, I was packed and ready to go early because I knew I wouldn't walk quite as fast fully loaded and wanted plenty of time to get to the bus stop. Sometime while I was at Marmota Hostel, I … Continue reading Peschiera del Garda, Italy (April 17th – 19th, 2018)

Innsbruck, Austria – Part 2 (April 14th – 16th, 2018)

April 14th The day was shaping up to be another beauty and so I knew it was the day to go up to the top of mountain that was across town. There is the Nordkette cable car that will bring you from the main town level up past the Alpine Zoo to the Hungerburg station … Continue reading Innsbruck, Austria – Part 2 (April 14th – 16th, 2018)

Innsbruck, Austria – Part 1 (April 12th and 13th, 2018)

April 12th Didn't have to get up too early this morning as my train wasn't until a few minutes before 11am. I got to the station and waited for the train to come. I didn't mind the wait though... take a look at this view: On the train, I was looking forward to the ride … Continue reading Innsbruck, Austria – Part 1 (April 12th and 13th, 2018)

Salzburg, Austria (April 9th – 12th, 2018)

I accidently "unpublished" this post when going between my page on Chrome and the WordPress App. So this is basically republishing. 😦  Also, not sure what possessed me to initially write "Van Trapp" instead of Von Trapp.  My bad... I think I fixed that in this updated post. April 9th I was up and going … Continue reading Salzburg, Austria (April 9th – 12th, 2018)

Munich, Germany (April 6th – 8th, 2018)

Wow - I've gotten so far behind in writing! It's hard to keep up when I'm traveling every few days and trying to get the most out of each place. I need to catch up though so I guess I will take advantage of a missed train connection here in Parma, Italy to write up … Continue reading Munich, Germany (April 6th – 8th, 2018)

Visiting Family in Dickendorf, Germany (April 3rd – 6th, 2018)

April 3rd It was an early morning at the train station. My high-speed ICE train was leaving the Amsterdam Centraal station a few minutes after 8am so I wanted to be there by 7:30 latest and the way the train schedules worked out, I got there at about 7:10am. As part of my ticket booking … Continue reading Visiting Family in Dickendorf, Germany (April 3rd – 6th, 2018)

Planning, Volendam, and Netherlands Wrap-up (April 1st and 2nd, 2018)

April 1st It was a "Try to wrap my head around this EuroTour" planning kind of day. I got my refund request processed with Eurail and found out that I would be able to get the pass back in the mail before it's pre-activation date (which I had set to 6/4/18 - or 4/6/18 if … Continue reading Planning, Volendam, and Netherlands Wrap-up (April 1st and 2nd, 2018)

WHW – Day 4 (Rowardennan to Inverarnan)

After our "rest day", in which Esther and I hiked 8 miles with 3,000feet of elevation gain and descent, it was time to hit the trail again - hiking from Rowardennan to Inverarnan. The route says it'll be 14 miles and it's the last section of the trail where my big pack will have baggage … Continue reading WHW – Day 4 (Rowardennan to Inverarnan)

WHW Day 3 – Rest Day & Ben Lomond

Day 3 on the trail - well, not actually ON the West Highland Way, but on another trail; Ben Lomond. I've been here before in 2018 towards the end of April/beginning of May. From hiking the whole trail this time, I think I got about 3/4ths of the way up the mountain when rain, wind, … Continue reading WHW Day 3 – Rest Day & Ben Lomond