Home Sweet Home – Road Trip Complete (September 13th)

After a delicious breakfast of homemade waffles at the cousins house and a quick six hour drive, we got home sweet home!

Woohoo!  Back on home turf!

Home Sweet Home

It felt so good to be home!

Now, the picture I’ve been wanting to show! So, for the most part, every place we stopped, I dropped a turqoise point on Google Maps. So, here you go!

The turqoise dots with white squares are places we stopped on the road trip.  Green dots are places that I still want to go and yellow dots are just places I wanted to save and remember where they were.  

I know I forgot to put a dot on a gas station we stopped at between Seattle and Eugene, Oregon. Other than that, I’m pretty sure I got all the stops!

That’s our road trip on a map! Now, to get my travel prep to-do list complete!!

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