I’m still here…. I’ve been in the woods!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the cyber-silence for the last two weeks or so. I’ve been having incredible adventures and an update that I am eager to tell you about. For now, I’ll just put a few photos in and let you get excited about what I have to share in the coming week or two.

Until then, I will be traveling, then stationary for a while and writing like crazy to get you guys caught up!! 🙂

The Reason for the Silence

We started with 2.5 days hiking the Greenstone Track which starts at a car park south of Glenorchy, NZ.

The important page from our Greenstone Track brochure.

A closer view of the route map with direction arrows of our hike.

Then, the real purpose of our venture out into the woods… the Greenstone track connects into the Routeburn Track Great Walk!! 🙂

Routeburn Track Great Walk!


Elevation and distances part of the track brochure.

Track map part of the brochure.

Zoom in of the track map.

Sum of kilometers walked in 7 days. The first three days are from the Greenstone Track, 1 rest day, 2 days on the Routeburn track, 1 day walking from Routeburn track to semi-civilization (campground with food supplies, hot running water/showers, but no Wi-fi).

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