Flying Auckland, New Zealand to Amsterdam, Netherlands (March 21 – 22, 2018)

I arrived at the airport at about 3:30pm on Wednesday anticipating to board my flight at about 6pm. I had checked the status of my flight with Emirates and found that there was a hidden short stopover in Melbourne, AU. When I checked in, I asked the lady if there were any window seats available. She said not on the flight I was booked for but there was another flight directly from Auckland to Dubai (my connection point regardless of a flight change) and I would be able to have a window seat on that flight. That flight left at 9:15pm so I had a bit of a wait but that was fine; I don’t mind waiting. I had my book, my journal, my tablet… I was set for stuff to keep occupied.

My flight was on an A380 airbus. Those machines are huge! I’m impressed with how they get that thing to fly every time I see and get on one!

Emirates A380 from Auckland to Dubai

An overview of the miles I’m about to travel.  

When we were taxi-ing to the runway, the captain was talking and then said “brace yourself” – referring to the impending flight time he was going to say: almost 17 hours from Auckland to Dubai. Youch. Good thing they had a pretty good selection of movies to choose and I had all of my New Zealand pictures to transfer from my phone to my tablet (all 4,100+ of them).

A short animation of the flight path from Auckland to Dubai.



Coming in for landing in Dubai. 


I slept maybe 2 hours on the whole flight. It wasn’t very comfortable. I talked to my seat neighbor for a little while; he was a young guy from Poland who was on his way home from holiday in New Zealand.


A little summary of flight info when we were at the gate in Dubai. 

Technically, I’ve now been to Dubai – but not outside the airport.  Must come back sometime.  

A few of the Dubai airport while waiting to board my flight from Dubai to Amsterdam. 

My connection in Dubai was only about two hours and so there was not nearly enough time to leave the airport and visit the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. Because of the small amount of time in the airport, I was hoping to at least catch a glimpse of it from the airplane (either coming into Dubai or leaving) but that didn’t work out either.

It was dark when we arrived in Dubai and on the departing flight, I sadly had an aisle seat and had not much chance to look out the windows.

The extent of the view out the window from my aisle seat.  😦  

The extent of my view of the Burj Khalifa.  

It was another almost-7 hour flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Another movie or two, another period of watching the miles and time pass and feeling like the flight was almost over when there was still 2-3 hours left.

On the ground in Amsterdam.

Thankfully, multi-day hiking friend I met in New Zealand was able to pick me up in the airport so I didn’t have to worry about getting myself somewhere after that extensive time mostly awake.

Flying into the Netherlands, everything looked so gray, flat, and boring at first. I had to remind myself that winter was just ending, that the grass and vegetation was going to green up in the near future. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Flying Auckland, New Zealand to Amsterdam, Netherlands (March 21 – 22, 2018)

  1. Suddenly thinking yesterday, after digging a bit in my emails for another reason:
    You spent about 4 months in New Zealand. That is a lot of time !
    It is obvious that you really enjoyed New Zealand.

    If you want to emigrate there, this may be a good timing.
    I studied the issue a little bit more than 15 years ago, and I guess that they kept the main approach since then. The chances for a person to be accepted decrease exponentially with aging.
    Quite easy in the 20’s, still easy in the 30’s, then the rules get more and more restrictive, and just for the sake of example, over 55 years old a person is not accepted even if he/she is a Nobel Prize laureate.
    This is not a joke: Over a certain age, possible 55, a person is not allowed to apply for New Zealand’s citizenship no matter what.

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