Let’s Go Way Back!

So, I’ve decided to just start posting some stuff from way back; basically that means that I’ll republish/share my posts from my India study abroad back in 2011.


First post preparing for my India trip was originally published May 10th, 2011.  Bear with me… my first few posts were quite short.  So they will be a quick read. 🙂 .  Also, while I’ve been going through and copying my posts over, I’ve realized that my writing was not very good and I had almost zero pictures in my posts… so I will be going through and possibly writing more thoughts but definitely adding more pictures!


Never done a blog before so this is a bit new.

Getting ready for the trip – finally the main part of my undergraduate experience is over, and this trip is now the completion and the “icing on the cake” so to speak.  Finishing 6 credits for my engineering degree – yay!

Have to get a shot and pills for malaria.  Have to pull my proposal together, and prepare a template for my trip.  Have to be already to leave on May 21st.

Graduation is Saturday!

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