Traveling to India


Originally published: May 22, 2011
Additional thoughts and comments that I write and add in the present (meaning as I update and re-publish) will be italicized.

I love sunrise/sunset from an airplane.  There’s not much like it.  I get so angry when the stewards and stewardesses tell me to close the shade… YOU’RE MISSING THE BEST PART OF BEING IN THE AIR!!!  

The flight to India was really long. I’m pretty sure it was a direct flight from Newark, New Jersey to New Delhi.  Not sure why but I recall being slightly motion sick during that flight and I couldn’t understand why.  I love flying and I love traveling.  I remember thinking “oh no! maybe this is a sign of aging!”  

Wow – So far, it has been very interesting.  Driving on the wrong side of the road with no laws or rules whatsoever.  Guy fixing his car in the middle of the highway, general hacking here is taken to totally different heights…and horns are a general method of communication between cars.  Very interesting.  So combined with the noise, bouncing and food in my stomach…almost threw up.  Asked for a bag, but didn’t need it fortunately.


Wish I had captured a picture of the whole flight path.  


Flying over a beautiful mountain range.  


Time for bed.  I’m sooooooo tired and disoriented…have no idea what time it is right now…probably around 11pm…

Feeling overwhelmed and hoping this trip is worth the money I paid.  I generally question myself when I’m “so tired.”  LOL

Night people.  Pictures of the flight to follow.

I added a couple pictures from my flight above so they won’t be in the next post.  🙂 . 

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