India – First Day of the Program

First day of the course…

Originally published: May 23rd, 2011

Oh boy, how to begin describing this day….


We got up a little late and went to breakfast.  Not many choices… and their ketchup (for me at least) was quite spicy.  Then we had the scavenger hunt… a bit of a waste of time.  Very eye-opening, sometimes disturbing and a little scary and intimidating.  But we managed.  Went shopping for some traditional clothing.  Pictures of that to follow.

Didn’t take any pictures today – didn’t need any help attracting attention to us foreign girls…but it’s all good.

Stomach still a bit upset – although not all the time.   A little homesick – I guess because I’m definitely going through culture shock.  Never had a problem being away from home but this first day has been a little difficult.

Tomorrow should be a bit better.  We will be traveling in a big group (safety in numbers 🙂 and we won’t look too very lost because we will be with our guides…the professors.

Till tomorrow then,

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