India – Delhi to Jaipur

When: May 27th, 2011.

I never published a post about the trip from Delhi to Jaipur… so this is a new post from pictures and what I remember.

The road construction that was happening along our road trip in India was really piece-meal.



Some of the motorcycles I saw were a little crowded.

We drove by a lot of street-side businesses selling all kinds of wears.  Some of these places had huge blocks of white marble from which carvings were being made.


Driving into Jaipur; there is this yellow water temple in the middle of a lake.  I really wanted to go visit it, but I ended up getting a little ill in Jaipur and didn’t have as much as time to wander Jaipur as I wanted to.  But I did enjoy Jaipur quite a bit!


The bamboo scaffolding was a site to behold.


Traveling around India in a big old, slightly smelly, quite stuffy old bus branded “TOURIST”… well, what an experience.  I know I took a photo of this bus and hopefully I can find one to share with you so you can see what I’m talking about.  😀 .

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