India – Patan (mid-late June, 2011)


The things you see…


This was the last stepwell we studied while in India.

While working at the well, I met this group of girls.  The tallest girl in the back to the left of me; her name was Puja.  She was so happy to show me her notebook from school where she was learning english.  I will never forget Puja.  I sometimes think about going back to Patan to ask about her and see where she is.  I wonder if she would remember me.



Walking around Patan, I noticed this characteristic smell of fresh ground grain and the hum of the grain grinder.   So I wandered a little bit and found this (the picture above).  The source of the smell and the hum.


Grain going into the grinder.


Pretty sure thats hard white wheat.


The grinder machine covered in fine flour dust.


Flour going into the container.  Fresh ground flour smells so good.


We went on a walking tour of this park-type area.  We met this guy there to talk to us about the area.  He had this shirt on.  I almost laughed out loud (actually, I might have) when I read and finally comprehended the hilarity of it.


We met a guy that was a weaver.  I think this was going to be a carpet(?)… I’m not really sure what it was going to end up being but it was really neat watching him work.  It was a commissioned piece worth thousands of dollars.


Such bright colors.


The weaver at work.


I took this picture as we were leaving Patan (I think it was the last time, we weren’t going to come back the next day).  That look on Puja’s face… I really wonder where she is, what she’s doing, and how her life is now.


We got up early one morning to catch the sunrise at this Sun Temple.  But it ended up being a cloudy morning and so there wasn’t much of a picturesque sunrise to see.   Oh well.


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