Boring Day? Make Travel Plans!

Originally published 1/1/17.

Today was pretty boring.  It was my own fault I didn’t have any plans made in advance.  I could have done something outside; it was a sunny beautiful day. But I’m usually a hard-charging, gotta-go-gotta-run-gotta-work-can’t-stop type of girl.  Always busy, always doing something.   Oh well, I do need to slow down sometimes.  

Tomorrow I’m going rock climbing with one of my friends from work.  Looking forward to that.  Also, I do my grocery shopping; normal adulting stuff.  

Anyway, this evening I started reading my “No Shortcuts to the Top” book and that got me thinking about a trip to the Mount Everest base camp.  How awesome would it be to see the mountain from pretty close, but not too close.  The thought of it is thrilling.  

My first google search came up with one travel company with treks to the basecamp; that was a little more than I wanted to pay.  The second search on google came up with a more reasonably priced trek.   

The more I look at this traveling, the more I become convinced that I’ll definitely need to supplement my savings with a little work while I travel which is ok; as long as I can find a job somewhere, I’ll be fine.  

But I have been having some misgivings, not cold feet (it’s too early for that), but just wondering if all of this is another one of my pipe dreams.  A lot of talk but no follow through.  But I keep telling myself, NO!  I am saving, I am preparing, I am doing my homework, and laying out a working plan that can change.  This is going to happen!  With or without company.  I’ll find people to travel with.   Or maybe I won’t and manage to find amazing places and talk to people that I wouldn’t otherwise do if with a group.  Who knows.  

Has anyone done seasonal or temp work while traveling?  Can you make any recommendations?  I saw this one link online (from my Lonely Planet book section on finding work) about travel writing.  Apparently, you can sign up with this program, become a travel writer, and submit your articles to different published magazines and get paid a decent sum for it.  That sounds interesting.  I think I could write a pretty good story if what I was doing was exhilarating and epic enough.  

That’s why I have to start my trip in Taiwan where my friend is.  I’m pretty sure I could learn a lot about solo travel from her.  

7 months seems like such a long time right now.  Sooner than I think and longer than I wish.  

Please feel free to give your comments and recommendations for tour companies or groups or work placement or anything!  Looking forward to hearing from the international traveling community!  🙂 

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