Just an Update

Originally published 3/29/17.

Good evening folks. 

Not too much to report since my last post regarding travel stuff.  Personally, it’s been an eventful month.  

I ended up moving out of my last place on extremely short turn-around (like, Monday I got the first call, and I was moved out (with a new place to go) by Wednesday afternoon).  I’m going to leave it at that.  I’m done going over it.  

I’m very happy where I live now though.  It all works out.  (Just a note looking back on that whole ordeal: Thanks for rescuing me, Charles and Beth!) 

Count down is currently: 18 weeks and 2 days.  

With travel stuff, you know that I booked my airfare and a 30-day tour of southeast Asia (G Adventures – IndoChina Discovery).  The update right now is that I’ve collected the records for my previous vaccinations.  Now, I have to find a doctor who can consult and grant an international “yellow card” which indicates my vaccinations.  Hoping I don’t have to get too many additional vaccinations, but we’ll see.  

I knew I didn’t have much to post, but I didn’t really expect it to be this short.  

Ragnar 2.0 is a month away; Triathlon 1.0 is 2 months away; I ended up signing up with a couple friends for a Tough Mudder Half which will be at the end of July.  It’s going to be a blast.

That’s pretty much it for now.  One more thing; it sounds so cliché to me when folks say you meet people for a reason.  I mean, yea I’ve believed them, but it never really seemed to happen to me.   Well, I’m starting to believe that.  Seems like within the last year and a half that I’ve met people who have given me some bit of wisdom, guidance, practical knowledge, direction, or just working together with colleagues which I have ended up using to manage my way through subsequent experiences.  

The latest experience?  Well, my new roommate is a personal trainer.  The trainers I’ve been working with at the gym I go to don’t really talk about preparing for my triathlon in the aspects of nutrition and pre- and post-exercise stretching.   My roommate looks on aghast as I tell her this!  So now, I’m learning about preparing my body even better for this triathlon.  

Things keep coming to me!  Lately, I am constantly (ok, not constantly, but more than usual) hungry for very substantial meals – I’m talking serious carbohydrates with gluten.  For a while (probably about 2 years ago maybe – that’s a guess) I completely cut gluten out of my diet and it helped manage my weight and taught me how to cook without it.  I gradually began eating gluten but pretty limited.  Up until beginning of March, I’d say I was probably 70-80% gluten-free.  Cutting something out of your diet teaches you new things… it’s all a learning experience!

Anyway – so lately I’ve been eating bagels for breakfast instead of just some fresh fruit and maybe yogurt with granola.  Gosh it has been hitting the spot!  Oh, I’ve also noticed that I’m scarfing down my food – not good.  I have to consciously slow myself down while I’m eating.  Also not the best, but I expect that August 5th, I’ll eat a little more slowly.  Hahaha…  

Ok, that’s really it for now. 

Have a great night. 

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