3 thoughts on “Where Am I Going??

  1. Good for you that you could see 4 continents of the world, before the world is ending !
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Well, I am just joking, I don’t believe that now it’s the end of the world.
    Actually I am optimistic enough to wait with many money invested in the stock market, until the shares will recover (one year? two years?) .
    P.S.: Did you ever use portable, foldable WOOD stoves ?
    This way you would not need to carry bottles with liquefied gas, and yes, you would have to look around to grab few dead branches. When you don’t have branches, it works with dead dry ferns, dead dry grass, dead dry leaves.


    • No, I’ve never used a foldable wood stove… Would be neat to try! But I definitely love my jetboil. It heats up water super fast. :).

      Hope you’re doing well! Stay safe, stay well, stay home ( 🙂 ) Wherever you are these days.


      • Well, there is no reason to blame yourself for not using portable wood stoves. I do not think there is any available portable wood stove with an excellent equilibrium of qualities: ultralight weight, ultra-small when folded, yet powerful enough to boil 2 liters in 5 minutes. What you see as available products are either small and light weight, but weak, either powerful but too heavy and big.
        That is why, Anna, you’ll have to wait until I will write the patent application for my portable, foldable wood stove. I started testing since late 2010, meanwhile I built about 8-9 prototypes, and one year ago I finally built the best of the series.
        It will take time, lot of time, until this new thing may reach the market. Meanwhile enjoy your liquefied gas stove!


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