Rainy Afternoon Musings and Realizations

Hey everyone! It's been a few more days that I usually like to go without publishing a post... so here is one that I drafted back on November 21st in a coffee shop on a rainy afternoon in Ubud, Bali. I don't remember what exactly brought this rush of... I guess the appropriate term would … Continue reading Rainy Afternoon Musings and Realizations

An Exciting Change of Plans

If you weren't aware, there are volcanos here on the island of Bali. One of them, Mount Agung has been threatening an eruption for months. A while ago, the alert level was quite high and they evacuated a 12km radius around the base of the mountain. Ubud is 50km away and is really out of … Continue reading An Exciting Change of Plans

(Almost Complete) Packing Inventory & Other Logistics/Planning

Now that I'm pretty stationary here in Bali, not moving around every one day or so, I've had quite a bit of down time. This afternoon I was laying on my bed resting and I thought "It's the perfect time to do a packing inventory post." So I got up, cleared the bed, and pulled … Continue reading (Almost Complete) Packing Inventory & Other Logistics/Planning

Headed to Bali

November 13th (Food Poisoning, Both Ends; Episode 1 [episodes discontinued until further notice]) 😀 I had to be up 5am latest; catch the first airport link train to the airport at 6am to catch my 8:50am flight to Bali. I got up and initially didn't feel bad at all... but that went downhill fast. I … Continue reading Headed to Bali