Optic Neuritis – Progress Update & Information Crowd-Sourcing

Here's an update regarding my optic neuritis. Looking to crowd-source anyone's experience with optic neuritis!! Please share and get back to me with some feedback! Feel free to contact me privately via the contact link on my blog.

Tough Mudder was Really Tough

For anyone that recently started reading my blog, I've been republishing some older posts leading up to my journey.¬† I'm republishing them here because they were originally published using Google Blogger which was not quite as follower-friendly as this blog here with WordPress. Hope you enjoy! Originally published 7/29/17. Evening folks; I've realized over the … Continue reading Tough Mudder was Really Tough

Two Weeks Left!!

Originally published 7/22/17. Good evening folks! ¬†(Note: This was written over the course of Friday evening and Saturday).   Typing up this post on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 while I wait for my friend Firdaus to come into Penn Station.¬† She's flying here from Cali and will be spending the weekend with me.¬† Her, … Continue reading Two Weeks Left!!

Watching from the Sidelines…

Originally published 5/21/17. May 20th - the day of the Harryman Triathlon at¬†Harriman State Park. ¬†I had signed up for the Olympic distance triathlon last fall with full intention of competing. ¬† Final work deliverables lined up exactly with the triathlon and since I haven't been to the gym since¬†the Ragnar Relay, I knew I … Continue reading Watching from the Sidelines…

Ragnar 2.0 (Richmond, VA)

Originally published 5/6/17. Evening readers. ¬†ūüôā Work has been super busy. ¬†The project I'm working on is beginning to wrap up which is going to be very fast. ¬†But last weekend, and this weekend as well, I've been able to get away from the rush that is NYC.   Last weekend some colleagues and friends … Continue reading Ragnar 2.0 (Richmond, VA)

Just an Update

Originally published 3/29/17. Good evening folks.¬† Not too much to report since my last post regarding travel stuff. ¬†Personally, it's been an¬†eventful month. ¬† I ended up moving out of my last place on extremely short turn-around (like, Monday I got the first call, and I was moved out (with a new place to go) … Continue reading Just an Update

Broadening Perspectives on Canvas

Well, September is proving to be an a very exciting month for Broadening Perspectives Adventures!¬† I will tell you why!¬† Last month I ordered canvas prints of the best of the best of the best of my photos (yes, I meant to repeat myself three times).¬† So far, I've received three which are brilliant - … Continue reading Broadening Perspectives on Canvas

Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)

Originally published 3/4/17. So, slightly unexpected but... I set the date I'm leaving the US (for an extended temporary period) in stone yesterday! So now, the first two months of my world travel is all set!¬† Paid for?...well, I'm getting there.¬† I learned that Global Nomadic partners with Student Travel Association.¬† So I thought why … Continue reading Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)