An Exciting Change of Plans

If you weren't aware, there are volcanos here on the island of Bali. One of them, Mount Agung has been threatening an eruption for months. A while ago, the alert level was quite high and they evacuated a 12km radius around the base of the mountain. Ubud is 50km away and is really out of … Continue reading An Exciting Change of Plans

(Almost Complete) Packing Inventory & Other Logistics/Planning

Now that I'm pretty stationary here in Bali, not moving around every one day or so, I've had quite a bit of down time. This afternoon I was laying on my bed resting and I thought "It's the perfect time to do a packing inventory post." So I got up, cleared the bed, and pulled … Continue reading (Almost Complete) Packing Inventory & Other Logistics/Planning

Headed to Bali

November 13th (Food Poisoning, Both Ends; Episode 1 [episodes discontinued until further notice]) 😀 I had to be up 5am latest; catch the first airport link train to the airport at 6am to catch my 8:50am flight to Bali. I got up and initially didn't feel bad at all... but that went downhill fast. I … Continue reading Headed to Bali