Vacation: a 95 mile hike (high potential for rain)

I started writing this post back in mid-May. Well, hello readers. I'm still here; I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been rather busy with work for the last nearly two years. I'm a senior project coordination manager and I love my job! Loving my job makes it pretty easy to … Continue reading Vacation: a 95 mile hike (high potential for rain)

Just an Update

Originally published 3/29/17. Good evening folks.  Not too much to report since my last post regarding travel stuff.  Personally, it's been an eventful month.   I ended up moving out of my last place on extremely short turn-around (like, Monday I got the first call, and I was moved out (with a new place to go) … Continue reading Just an Update

India – Patan (mid-late June, 2011)

The things you see... This was the last stepwell we studied while in India. While working at the well, I met this group of girls.  The tallest girl in the back to the left of me; her name was Puja.  She was so happy to show me her notebook from school where she was learning … Continue reading India – Patan (mid-late June, 2011)

The Journey Home (May 4th – 7th, 2018)

May 4th I was up and about; took a really good shower because I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to shower for a couple of days. Here is a brief itinerary to show why: - Drive to Edinburgh and return rental car - Tram to Edinburgh and find somewhere to hang out until 9:30pm … Continue reading The Journey Home (May 4th – 7th, 2018)

Back to Thailand (November 9th – 12th)

November 9 We got up at about 4:45am to be ready to go back down to our long boat at 5:00am. We had another 10-11 hours to travel up river before we got to the landing. Driving up the river that early in the morning was so peaceful, most people were asleep except Giuseppe and … Continue reading Back to Thailand (November 9th – 12th)