Just an Update

Originally published 3/29/17. Good evening folks.  Not too much to report since my last post regarding travel stuff.  Personally, it's been an eventful month.   I ended up moving out of my last place on extremely short turn-around (like, Monday I got the first call, and I was moved out (with a new place to go) … Continue reading Just an Update

Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)

Originally published 3/4/17. So, slightly unexpected but... I set the date I'm leaving the US (for an extended temporary period) in stone yesterday! So now, the first two months of my world travel is all set!  Paid for?...well, I'm getting there.  I learned that Global Nomadic partners with Student Travel Association.  So I thought why … Continue reading Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)

Ha Long Bay & Hanoi, Vietnam (October 31st – November 2nd)

Ha Long Bay is an approximate four-hour drive from the train station in Hanoi. We arrived in the train station about 5:30am and got right on the bus. On our way, we pulled into this drive with a building that was pretty much a service area like on the NYS Thruway (minus the gas station … Continue reading Ha Long Bay & Hanoi, Vietnam (October 31st – November 2nd)

Hoi An, Vietnam (October 27th and 28th)

October 27th The overnight train from Nha Trang to Hoi An (technically Da Nang - will explain later) left at approximately 8:00-ish. Now that we were experts on overnight trains, we weren't quite as excited as we were for the first one. So, no real party in one sleeper cabin this time. We all were … Continue reading Hoi An, Vietnam (October 27th and 28th)