India – Bundi (Early-Mid June, 2011)

I did a horrible job blogging about India.  But that's ok!  I had to learn somehow! Anyway, going forward, my posts will be mostly pictures with some commentary here and there based on what I remember. We stopped for lunch somewhere midway between Jaipur and Bundi.  There was a pond nearby with...well, as you can … Continue reading India – Bundi (Early-Mid June, 2011)

India – Delhi to Jaipur

When: May 27th, 2011. I never published a post about the trip from Delhi to Jaipur... so this is a new post from pictures and what I remember. The road construction that was happening along our road trip in India was really piece-meal. \ We drove by a lot of street-side businesses selling all kinds … Continue reading India – Delhi to Jaipur

India – Tour Day

Tour day... Originally published May 24th, 2011 Today we went to see a beautiful tomb (Humayun's Tomb), a garden, Khan market, and a stepwell. Unfortunately, my camera died so I personally did not get pictures of the first step well. I remember seeing a lot of skinny stray dogs at the tomb grounds.  It was … Continue reading India – Tour Day

India – First Day of the Program

First day of the course... Originally published: May 23rd, 2011 Oh boy, how to begin describing this day.... Trying. We got up a little late and went to breakfast.  Not many choices... and their ketchup (for me at least) was quite spicy.  Then we had the scavenger hunt... a bit of a waste of time. … Continue reading India – First Day of the Program

Traveling to India

Arrival Originally published: May 22, 2011 Additional thoughts and comments that I write and add in the present (meaning as I update and re-publish) will be italicized. The flight to India was really long. I'm pretty sure it was a direct flight from Newark, New Jersey to New Delhi.  Not sure why but I recall … Continue reading Traveling to India


Graduation & Preparation Originally published: May 18th, 2011 It is hard to believe how fast 4 years of school went - although it didn't seem so fast while in the thick of it all. Graduation was fantastic - and this trip will be a great finish to college. Still trying to think up a topic … Continue reading Graduation!!

India – Picture Topic

Picture Topic? Originally published: May 11th, 2011. For this trip, we have to keep a picture journal - and we have to choose some object of daily life (a color, an animal, architecture, anything) to take a daily photo of.  I am at a loss at what to photograph.  I was thinking architectural arches...  but … Continue reading India – Picture Topic

Let’s Go Way Back!

So, I've decided to just start posting some stuff from way back; basically that means that I'll republish/share my posts from my India study abroad back in 2011. Enjoy!! First post preparing for my India trip was originally published May 10th, 2011.  Bear with me... my first few posts were quite short.  So they will … Continue reading Let’s Go Way Back!