Happy Holidays!! End-of-2019 Update

Just a post updating my readers on what's been happening in my life since August.

Gearing Up, Part 2

Originally published 2/25/17. Today has been quite a productive day...   Headed to the gym at 10:30, swam my 35 laps (~half mile) in about 40-45 minutes.  After that, I was in a group class for some conditioning with one of the trainers.  Wow, that class kicked my tush!  I always thought my legs were … Continue reading Gearing Up, Part 2

Gearing Up, Part 1

Originally published 2/11/17. Hey Everyone!  It's been a while!  It feels like a lot but also like nothing has happened over the last several weeks since my last post.    What's new...  I spent a long weekend at home a few weeks ago.  I took a Monday and Friday off; went home Thursday night and … Continue reading Gearing Up, Part 1

(Almost Complete) Packing Inventory & Other Logistics/Planning

Now that I'm pretty stationary here in Bali, not moving around every one day or so, I've had quite a bit of down time. This afternoon I was laying on my bed resting and I thought "It's the perfect time to do a packing inventory post." So I got up, cleared the bed, and pulled … Continue reading (Almost Complete) Packing Inventory & Other Logistics/Planning