Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)

Originally published 3/4/17. So, slightly unexpected but... I set the date I'm leaving the US (for an extended temporary period) in stone yesterday! So now, the first two months of my world travel is all set!  Paid for?...well, I'm getting there.  I learned that Global Nomadic partners with Student Travel Association.  So I thought why … Continue reading Slight Change of Plans (“Fiscally Sound”)

To-Do List (i.e., What I’ve Been Up To Since Sept. 13th)

Hey everyone! I found a way to be able to share a more interactive map of places we stopped on our road trip. I'm not sure how well it will work out but after some correspondence with a Google guru, this link is what I've come up with! This link should provide a list for … Continue reading To-Do List (i.e., What I’ve Been Up To Since Sept. 13th)

I’m Done with Work!!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my new blogging site!  I received a suggestion to use a different platform for my blog so that it is easier for folks to actually sign up and follow me!  So here I am on WordPress!  Hopefully it's a bit easier for you all!  It's proving quite a bit more complicated … Continue reading I’m Done with Work!!