India – Udaipur (Early-Mid June, 2011)

Udaipur was a really nice place.  Our accommodation was absolutely beautiful!  A good place to relax. Driving to Udaipur was a bit of an adventure.  It was very rural, kind of hilly, and at times, I wondered if the old beast of a bus was going to make it up to the top. Stopped at … Continue reading India – Udaipur (Early-Mid June, 2011)

India – Bundi (Early-Mid June, 2011)

I did a horrible job blogging about India.  But that's ok!  I had to learn somehow! Anyway, going forward, my posts will be mostly pictures with some commentary here and there based on what I remember. We stopped for lunch somewhere midway between Jaipur and Bundi.  There was a pond nearby with...well, as you can … Continue reading India – Bundi (Early-Mid June, 2011)

India – Amber Fort

A Stepwell on May 28th and Amber Fort on June 1st, 2011 Originally published June 11th, 2011 The day after we arrived in Jaipur, we took a drive to a beautiful stepwell.  Pictures below. After visiting this stepwell, we stopped at a monkey temple.  At least the tiny stepwell here can be used by the … Continue reading India – Amber Fort