Road Trip – Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota

August 18th: We got up pretty early from the hotel since we all slept quite well. We hit the high road at about 8:30 headed towards Indiana. I was driving. I missed the on-ramp the first time we went by because I was in the wrong lane and I couldn’t pull a hack job because there was a car in the way. So we decided to top off the gas tank. Then, we left the station and I missed the on-ramp AGAIN because the sign only said Ohio Turnpike and not I-90 like it did from the direction I missed the first time. So, I turned around again, and this time, successfully found and navigated the on-ramp. Hahahaa.

We crossed into Indiana pretty quickly, then into Illinois. We decided to take a route on the outskirts of Chicago since I-90 goes directly through the city. There was some traffic on the outskirts but not bad at all compared to the traffic I’ve grown used to in New Jersey. Finally we hopped onto I-90W northwest of Chicago and continued our trek. We stopped for lunch at another Service Area that goes over the highway. But this one wasn’t quite as close to the highway as the overpass outside of Buffalo, NY.

Continuing on, we passed into Wisconsin to go around the southwest corner of the state. Then, in Minnesota, we drove almost in a straight line across the southern border of the state into Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We stopped and stayed at a Fairfield Inn and Suites in Sioux Falls which was an incredible place! We drove from 8:30AM to about 9:30PM but gained an hour due to crossing a timeline. The hotel had a beautiful pool and hot tub that we hung out in.

Good night!

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