Tour Group Gathering

Sunday, October 15th, I went down for breakfast, anxious to see what the day would bring. As I sat there and ate, I noticed several foreigner-looking folks (meaning not Thai people) who I thought must be here for the G Adventure tour.  Apparently there are four or five tours leaving today or tomorrow. My tour group is gathering today and heading out tomorrow.

I was so anxious to meet someone on my tour that I just started asking people if they were part of the Indochina Discovery tour. A few said no and was starting to think “hmmmphh.” Well, then I asked a girl if what tour she was part of and (in a fantastic English accent) said “actually, I’m not sure.” We got talking and the day just went upwards from there. Gemma came to this tour from a working holiday in Australia.

As we sat at the pool chatting, we met another young lady (Michelle) who was at the hotel for one night as her tour was ending. Michelle was on a 9-day tour of southern Thailand. We hung out at the pool until it was time to check out of our individual rooms (at noon). Back to the pool for a bit until we headed out across the street to find some lunch. We found some large bottles of cold water that were cheap compared to the bottled water at the hotel (#learningprocess) so we each bought one.

Lunch was at a little open-air type cafe. It was quite yummy. Rice with vegetables; I have a feeling I’ll be eating a lot of rice and vegetables. But it’s fine because they’re usually quite yummy.

Back from lunch – Gemma and I went to check into our rooms and guess what… we’re roommates for the tour! So happy… 🙂 We checked into our room and settled in. I ended up taking a nap before we had an initial group meeting at 6pm where we met everyone in our group (only 8 people for now). Our group consists of two cousins from Mexico, two (cousins or friends) girls from Finland, a girl from Lichtenstein, my roommate Gemma (from England), Pete (from England), and me!

We’ll be having some new people join our group in Vietnam.

We had dinner at a restaurant across the street. I think it was the most amazing pad thai I’ve ever had. So delicious. Not much else happened. We went to bed sort of early as we had to get up early, pack the van, and head out for Cambodia.

I’ll come back and add a group photo when I get one that we took on October 17th.  🙂

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