New Zealand Tour – Encapsulated

Here is an image of places I have been in New Zealand. I may have missed a few places but overall, I’m pretty sure I captured 99.9% of where I’ve been.

There are a few things I wish I had done. But, for reasons or circumstances I won’t go into, I wasn’t able to, or didn’t do:

– Swim in Lake Wanaka

– Swim in Lake Wakatipu (in Queenstown)

– Hike the Ben Lommond Trail in Queenstown

– Hike the Hooker Valley track in Mount Cook National Park

Otherwise, my time in New Zealand was completely incredible and that country has stolen my heart. 🙂

New Zealand – you’re amazing!

Here’s an overview.  

Zoom-(boulder-size down to sand)in of the North Island.  

Zoom-in of the South Island.  

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